Using Rainbow BRT

ऐका रे ऐका …

पारंपारिक दवंडी वाला पुणे आणि पिंपरी चिंचवडच्या नागरिकांना रेन्बो बी आर टी सुरक्षितपणे वापरण्यासाठी सूचना देत आहे. वाहन चालक आणि पादचार्यांनी बी आर टी मार्गिकेमध्ये प्रवेश करू नये. वाहनचालकांनी बस प्रवाश्यांना सुरक्षितपणे रस्ता ओलांडू द्यावा आणि पादचार्यांनी त्यांच्यासाठी आखून दिलेल्या जागेवरूनच रस्ता ओलांडावा.
रेनबो बी आर टी चा आनंद घ्या!

प्रवास नवा, पर्याय नवा  

A new journey, a new option …Rainbow BRT

  1. Route information and arrival time are available on the PMPML websiteRnRlil
  2.  Walk to the nearest Rainbow BRT station or catch a feeder bus
  3. Cross the road to the Rainbow BRT station using the pedestrian crossing facility
  4. Buy the ticket at the ticket counter
  5. Lookout for the bus arrival information displayed inside the station
  6. Board the bus only after it has docked at the doors of station
  7. Lookout for the bus arrival information for the next stop which is displayed and announced inside the bus
  8. Alight at the destination BRT station after the bus has docked
  9. If you need to change the route, look for route information signage and wait at the station itself, or just exit using the marked exits
  10. Cross the road using the pedestrian crossing facility
  11. Walk to your destination or catch the feeder bus

Circular Logo Rainbow

Rainbow BRT Signature Tune

4 thoughts on “Using Rainbow BRT

  1. The Routes Vajra 4 and 154 are very well managed as far as the frequency of buses are concerned… The frequency is very good … a slight improvement during peak hours and it could be a boon to the public of vishranthwadi…the bus shelters were a boon to the public during summers…. Kudos to PMPML and I really hope you get the bus terminal ready in Vishranthwadi soon…All the best for your future endeavours!


  2. The Vajra 4 and 154 are the best….. frequency has increased tremendously and its a boon for the public
    The bus shelters were a big relief during summer…Well done PMPML and I really do hope this happens for other routes as well


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