Ride the Rainbow

PCMC Elected Officials Visit Sangvi-Kiwale Corridor

Senior Citizens, School Students Ride the Rainbow BRT

On 17 August, about 90 senior citizens of Vishrantwadi Jesth Nagrik Sangh and over 100 students from Sri Atma Vallabh English Medium School participated in a tour of the Sangamwadi-Vishrantwadi Corridor on Monday. The visit was organized as part of the Rainbow BRT user trials being carried out by PMPML and PMC. IBI Group and Centre for Environment Education are carrying out the promotions and outreach activities for Rainbow BRT.

The senior citizens were welcomed by the outreach team at 7 am at the Sathe Biscuit bus station. Features such as station signage, display screen, automatic doors, and comfortable environment for waiting for bus were shown. They experienced firsthand the level boarding and a jerk-free bus ride in the corridor. They were happy to hear the audio announcement in the bus about the next station.

They appreciated the availability of the information on route change as a flyer and suggested that it should be placed at each bus stop. They have also suggested increasing the number of seats reserved for senior citizens in the bus and expanding the BRT network.

At 9:30 am a group of 105 students from Sri Atma Vallabh English Medium School walked to Mental Hospital Corner Bus stop. Security wardens helped the students cross at the designated crossing to the BRT bus station. They observed the ramp made for easy access by people carrying luggage, prams, wheelchair etc.
They were shown how to use the route maps, signage, bus arrival displays, do’s and don’ts.

Several students travel along Alandi Road and would benefit from the BRT and are looking forward to the start of passenger services.

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