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Rainbow is the most appropriate solution for Pune – excerpt from press conference on 31 July 2015

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Kunal Kumar, PMC Municipal Commissioner

‘Traffic and transport’ are among the top concerns in Pune as per the survey being done by PMC as an input to Pune’s Smart City plan. In this video, Shri Kunal Kumar, Municipal Commissioner, talks about Traffic and transport as a complex problem and Rainbow BRT as a key solution. The Comprehensive Mobility Plan developed by PMC in 2009 endorses the aim to help more and more people shift to public transport. By simply adding more buses, or even by constructing a metro, only about 30-35% of the public would be traveling by public transport. The BRT is a solution which can help shift over 50% of the travel requirements to public transport. Rainbow BRT, if done as the full proposed network of over 100 kms, can help to make Pune a livable city and to provide a comfortable mode of transport for the public. The BRT has to be taken to its logical conclusion, in phases, so that people can get a good quality public transport solution.
Rajiv Jadhav, PCMC Municipal Commissioner

Rainbow BRT is a very important project being developed jointly by PCMC, PMC, PMPML and the Traffic Police. This is a public project which would bring multiple benefits. The BRTS has dedicated lanes for the movement of buses, which helps to provide a rapid service. It would help to reduce air pollution. We expect that more and more people would shift from their two-wheelers and cars vehicles and use the Rainbow BRT. Best wishes for its success!