Features of Rainbow BRT

Station and Bus Features English
Station and Bus Features (click to enlarge)

Smart New Features that Make Travel Convenient

  1. Buses

Over 600 special Rainbow BRT buses with doors on both sides and more standing space, that ply smoothly and rapidly in reserved lanes

  1. Bus stations in the BRT Lanes

Covered and provide protection from rain and sun, well lit, have a ramp at the entrance and signage boards with information about the BRT corridors

  1. Tickets at stations

The ticket is to be bought at the ticket counter inside the station before boarding the bus. Smart Cards are proposed in the next phase.

  1. Level Boarding

The height of the bus platform and the BRT station platform are at thDoors and Bus Interfacee same level. Passengers do not have to climb steps to board the bus, a feature similar to metro rail.

  1. Automatic Doors

Automatic doors on BRT stations and bus doors open only when the bus is properly docked at the station

  1. Crossings

The crossings from the footpath to the BRT stations have signals in many locations or have speed tables so that vehicles have to slow down to allow passengers to cross safely.

  1. Bus Numbers, Bus Arrival and
    Station Information
  • Information on bus arrivals is displayed on screens at the bus stations
  • Display screens and audio announcements in buses give information about the next stop
  • Route numbers appear on LED displays on the front, back and the left side of buses
  1. Intelligent Transit Management System

BRT Buses have GPS and all buses and stations are linked with the BRTS Control Room at Swargate which tracks bus movement and gives feedback to drivers to improve service.

  1. Security and Traffic ManagementStation Security and Wardens
  • Security personnel are present at each BRT bus station
  • Traffic Wardens are present at signals and crossings to help in the management of other traffic and prevent entry into dedicated bus lanes.